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If you have any connection to the San Francisco Bay Area music scene, Beserkley Records, Rather Ripped Records, KSAN, etc. during the 60s, 70s and 80s, you've probably heard of or met Gary Phillips, a.k.a. Gary Philippet.

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Penrith Farms in Newport, Washington.

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Monday, March 5, 2007

Greg Douglass

Gary's death hit me hard, considering that I hadn't seen him in 20 years. He and I were friends from the mid-70s on, when we met at Cippolina's rehearsal hall. I had immediate respect for his musical talent, his voice, and that amazing presence. It's weird to think of that driving force being absent from the planet. I corresponded with Gary during his illness a few times, and his attitude was just amazing. The last letter he sent to me ended with "Make sure you enjoy every sandwich." I have taken that advice to heart.
Gary was always my favorite rhythm guitarist. I knew when I walked onstage with Gary that I would have my ass kicked into playing well, even if I was tired or fucked up. The guy was Keith Richards with chops. He could be a tad volatile at times...as I'm sure you know!...but it was only because he cared so deeply about the music.
His picture, along with the rest of the Kihn band, hangs in the hallway on the way down to my studio, so I still see Gary in his prime everyday. It's a good memory to carry into the day with me.
Let me know any details about the memorial. Unless I'm in, like, Uganda, I'll be there.
Thank you so much for writing, Patrick, and thanks for turning me on to the marvelous web site. Please keep me updated.

Greg Douglass
Escondido CA